Monday, November 19, 2012

sOme usEfuL tiPs..:)

Assalamualaikum dan salam i want to share more detail on what material that can be recycle..:) 

first n foremOst,paper.i think everybody knows that paper can be recycle.Most kinds of paper can be recycle.Prices of virgin paper pulp have been increasing in recent years. As a result more plants capable of handling and reprocessing waste paper are being built.An important thing to note about the recycling process of paper is collecting large volumes of clean, uncontaminated, well sorted, and dry paper.

Paper products have to be labeled meaningfully so that consumers can be aware of what they are buying in a paper product.

Next is steel, glass, aluminum cans and foil. These recyclables are often easy to recognize.Most people don't have any trouble sorting this materials properly. Glass,steel,cOpper,aluminum cans and other metalsare easily recognizable and quite easy to recycle.However, glass bottles must not be mixed with any other type of glass like light bulbs, Pyrex plates, glass tableware, auto glass, and window glass.

Ceramics contaminate glass and are very difficult to sort out. The most valuable glass waste is clear glass. Mixed color glass is almost worthless. Broken glass is also difficult to sort.
Aluminum cans are easily recycled and they have only to be cleaned a little bit to save water. Aluminum cans should be cleaned just enough to prevent odors and it is no longer necessary to remove labels for processing. The high heat used in glass and metal reprocessing is enough to take care of the problem of contamination.

Last but not least is plastics.
The variety of plastics (plastic bottles, clamshell packaging,PET, etc.) that can be recycled is getting wider and with a certain amount of care much plastic waste can be recycled.
The major problem regarding plastics recycling is that different types of plastics must not be mixed for recycling yet it is virtually impossible to tell one type from another merely by looking at them or even by touching them.
A small amount of the wrong type of plastic can ruin a whole batch being reprocessed.
The plastic industry has tried to solve this problem by developing a set of Cryptic Markers. These can be seen on the bottom of plastic containers.
These markers indicate only the type of plastic from which that particular container is made from.
Types 1 and 2 are the most widely accepted in container form. Type 4 is accepted sometimes even when it is in bag form. Type 7 has virtually no recycling potential. Place only the indicated type inside the bin of your local collection agency.

That's all frOm me..selamat berrecycle! :)
have a nice da..! ^_^